Sherrod Long first got involved with Bridging The Gap In Virginia in April of 2022 at the recommendation of a friend. When he initially joined the program, he had no solar experience though he had some experience working with his hands from his time with the Air Force. He found the teaching method helpful, blending a mix of textbook instruction and hands on learning that ensured everyone would be able to learn in a way that suited them. He was also impressed by the variety of skills that Bridging The Gap In Virginia had to teach program participants; participants were given solar installation training but they were also offered the chance to improve their resumes and build on career skills. He also said “I had a lot of experience in resume building but I was pleased by all the tools available to us.”

Sherrod said his biggest goal for any job he obtained after his training with Bridging The Gap In Virginia “was just a job that got me out from behind a desk. I’ve done that for too long.”  After applying to a variety of positions with different companies, Sherrod has found a match as a solar installer at Resource Innovations. He’s been at the position for a few months and is grateful for Bridging The Gap In Virginia for helping him find this path. When asked what he likes most about his position, Sherrod said “I enjoy the rigor and variety each day at work gives me. It keeps the job exciting.”