We are currently updating our website to better serve the community and our program participants. We are adding course registration, community services registration, and information for our Solar Installation Course Participants. This information will include employment contact information, study resources, and new programing options. We are also launching a page devoted to local meetings and events to keep the community informed. Thank you for you patience!!

Bridging The Gap In Virginia is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization committed to providing a bridge to success for those men and women struggling with addiction, incarceration, chronic homelessness, and lack of employability. Working with partner organizations, we aim to reduce recidivism, homelessness, unemployment, and relapse. We have expanded our mission to address environmental justice and green workforce development. As we seek to reach those communities most unfairly targeted by the criminal justice system or federal and state governments, we continue to seek collaboration with agencies and organizations that strive towards the same goals and outcomes.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to empower formerly incarcerated persons, veterans, at-risk youth, substance abusers and those suffering from homelessness. We help these groups of people overcome barriers that hinder their effective transition following military duty, recovery and/or incarceration into mainstream society with positive outlooks towards sustained success. We are driven by a commitment to restorative justice, environmental justice, and sustainability.

Message from our Founder and CEO

Our founder and CEO, Richard Walker is a formerly incarcerated individual committed to providing a bridge to assist others in overcoming barriers facing them upon release from incarceration. We have expanded our commitment to climate justice and addressing environmental justice issues harming underserved communities around Virginia.

We aim to empower individuals, families, and communities by addressing the barriers and issues that hinder the effective transition into mainstream society following incarceration or addiction recovery. We provide resources for employment assistance, safe housing, structured recovery aftercare, educational opportunities, and green workforce development. This environment creates the opportunity for all participants to obtain and maintain the skills necessary to achieve self-sufficiency. We maintain contact beyond our programs to track successes and guarantee that participants receive full support wherever they may be.

Learn more about our background from Founder/CEO Richard Walker himself and his partnership with the Office of Community Wealth Building in Richmond, VA: