Rapidly fulfil your hiring needs. Diversify your workforce.

We’re delighted that your company is commited to increasing diversity in the solar energy industry and that you would like to become a BTGVA Solar Industry Partner (SIP). Here’s how you can become a BTGVA SIP.

Step 1: Get in touch

Let us know that you are interested in becoming a BTGVA SIP by filling out our SIP interest form. We will reach out to you to speak about your business needs.

Step 2: Attend a Solar Industry Luncheon

Each of our week-long trainings ends with a FREE Solar Industy Luncheon. Sign up to attend a luncheon at your convenience to meet our recent graduates, government partners, and to learn more about our work and values. (NB. Any representative from your business is welcome to attend, it need not be the principal contact.)

Step 3: Receive diverse job-ready applicants

We’ll connect you with diverse, local, job-ready candidates from our Solar PV 101 alumni who have been trained to NABCEP curriculum (and many hold NABCEP PV Associate qualifications).

Training Program Endorsed By: